Summer Immersion Program in China

Each summer a select group of 10-12 high school students from around the country applies and is selected to spend one month in China, as part of the Windows on Asia summer immersion program. In the summer of 2004, the program itinerary for the group is as follows:

(June 30 - July 24, 2004)

Shanghai (June 30 - July 10) - The journey begins in the Paris of the East - the vibrant city of Shanghai, where participants are based at the prestigious Shanghai High School. Mornings are spent studying Chinese language, culture, & history, and afternoons are spent exploring the many faces of Shanghai and its surroundings - the Bund, Pudong, Yuyuan Bazaar, Buddhist temples, the famed garden city of Suzhou, and little villages such as the beautiful Tongli. Every day, participants study, eat and explore the region with students from Shanghai High School, forming lasting friendships.

Yunnan Province (July 10 - July 19) - Yunnan, which means "South of the clouds," is China's most diverse province in terms of people and terrain: more than one-third of China's ethnic minorities live here, and with incredibly diverse geography (from tropical rainforests to icy Tibetan highlands) over half of all China's plant and animal species are found here. The group will spend these days in small, off-the-beaten-track villages in the Northwestern part of the province as we hike through pristine mountain forests and lakes in the region while learning about the diversity of China from Tibetan and Naxi people themselves. We will end our journey by visiting the peaceful town of Lijiang, which is set in a beautiful valley on the border with Tibet.

Beijing (July 19 - July 24) - On the way home, participants stop in Beijing for four days to climb some of the less-traversed sections of the Great Wall, practice Tai Chi Chuan in the park surrounding the Temple of Heaven, experience the Forbidden City, try northern cuisine, and to otherwise explore the ancient capital city of China.

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