Summer Immersion Program in China

Thoughts from Past Participants

". . .everyone we have encountered at Shanghai High School has been so friendly - especially the Chinese students and teachers who are helping us learn their language. I already know a couple of phrases and can write a few Chinese characters."

"We were the youngest people in the Botanical Gardens, so a lot of people came to watch us practicing Tai Chi; sometimes they laughed and talked amongst themselves, trying to figure out which moves we were doing."

"I have never seen anything quite like the gardens we visited in Suzhou. The care and diligence put into creating and maintaining them really boggles my mind; I don't think I have ever been to a place that was so planned out by humans yet seemed so untouched by the modern world . . . the peacefulness I felt there was immeasurable."

"I like how everyone rides bicycles. Americans should do that too, then maybe pollution wouldn't be so bad and we could get exercise too."

"I am amazed by the Chinese students' ability to speak two very complicated languages (Chinese and English) so fluently. It's inspiring."

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