Windows on Asia is a non-profit, educational organization that aims to enhance awareness and understanding of Asia. It does so in three primary ways:

Working with schools to develop Asian studies programs or to otherwise integrate Asia into their curriculum

Helping companies and organizations better understand Asian culture, language, history and society, in order to work more effectively with partners in Asian countries, or to develop new opportunities in those countries

Offering summer exchange and immersion programs for high school students, to learn about and experience Asia first-hand

In the Twenty-First Century, global business, politics and culture are very much focused on Asia, home to more than sixty percent of the world's population lives, locale of several of the fastest growing economies in the world, and source of some of the greatest threats to global stability. It is therefore essential that Americans, especially of the younger generations, come to better understand the ancient, often misunderstood, and rapidly changing continent of Asia.

Krista A. Forsgren founded Windows on Asia in 1996, based on her vision of a time when every American student would graduate from high school knowing as much about Asia as Europe.