Windows on Asia has worked with both public and private schools across the country, developing programs in Asian history, language, society, art and culture.

Windows on Asia's work with academic institutions takes various forms, depending on the needs of the particular school. Among other curricular endeavors, we help schools better integrate Asian themes and elements into existing curricula; assist teachers who are interested in Asia-related lesson plans and innovative approaches to teaching about Asia; and develop Asian studies programs for schools that wish to take isolated Asian courses and units to a new level.

Examples of curricular projects include:

Assisting an independent school develop a Chinese studies program, including language study at the middle and upper school level, history classes at both levels, cultural programs and language exposure at the lower school level, and other components

Teaching elective Asian history courses

Developing Chinese language and culture programs for elementary school students

Helping schools add Chinese as a high school language option

Teaching a series of Asian art units as part of middle school art classes