Business Consulting & Training

Given the complex cultural, stylistic and linguistic differences in Asian and U.S. approaches to business, negotiations, and the like - let alone the often-sensitive differences within Asia - business and professional interactions with Asian counterparts must be handled in a thoughtful and careful fashion.

Windows on Asia develops customized training programs for companies and organizations with existing Asian clients they hope to serve better, as well as for those that seek to enhance their work and contacts in Asia and those that hope to develop new opportunities in Asia. Ranging in length from three hours to two days, these courses are specially designed to assist each company or organization address the unique issues that arise from their particular goals.

Among the standard seminars offered are the following:

Pre-Departure Language, History and Culture Orientations (offered for China, Japan, Indonesia, and Laos)

Introduction to the Chinese Legal System

Japanese Culture & Language Program for Service, Retail and Hospitality Industry Employees

Getting to "Dui" - Negotiating in China

Chinese-Taiwanese-U.S. Relations and the Climate for Investment

On the Ground in China - Current Events, Social Issues and Leadership

Even with its standard courses, however, Windows on Asia crafts each seminar to participants' individual needs.